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All you need to know about multilingual FSE websites

In this article, we would like to give you some help when it comes to multilingual websites with Full Site Editing. The fact is that not all multilingual solutions are yet compatible with Full Site Editing. We have extensively tested two of the most popular providers – WPML & Polylang – especially in combination with…

Forms & Popups

Where do I find the form ID?

To use the form ID for example in the Conditional Content Block, simply open the corresponding form. You will now find the form ID at the top in the URL, e.g. "post=17967"

Templates & Post Types

How can I make taxonomies selectable via checkboxes?

Default categories for example in the blog post type are easily selectable in the backend via checkboxes and all available options are visible to the editor. Screenshot of category selection in WP blog posts When creating custom taxonomies, however, the default interface is an input field. You may see the most used taxonomies as an…

Templates & Post Types

My site template is not connected to its site anymore

When you have a template that is assigned to a specific page, you may ran into an issue when changing the URL of that page. Your page and site template may then no longer be connected with each other. In Greyd.Suite there is an easy way to fix that: Open the Theme Asset tab in…

General Questions, How to Start

The Block Editor keeps crashing.

Currently, the WordPress Block Editor still crashes and/or displays errors from time to time. In most cases, you can resolve the problem by simply refreshing your browser window or by clicking the "Attempt Block Recovery" button: Block error message While this may be annoying for the editor, the good news is that in most cases…

Design, Greyd.Blocks

Why do anchor links not jump exactly to the right position?

If you use anchor links to navigate your site, you may find that the page sometimes scrolls too far or not far enough. This is a common problem in WordPress. But GREYD.SUITE offers a solution: You can set anchors with our block "anchor target" and define the offset individually and even set different values for…

Design, Greyd.Blocks, Templates & Post Types

How can I have several layouts / designs in one post overview?

With the Post Overview or Query Loop block, you can flexibly display posts – as a table, grid or list. In combination with Conditional Content, you can also visually highlight individual posts and/or work with different layouts within one post overview. To do this, simply add the Conditional Content block twice in your query loop.…

General Questions, How to Start

Where can I see on which domains my license is being used?

Open your Greyd.Suite dashboard (on a site level, not in the network administration) and go to the tab "license" to see all details with regards to your Greyd.Suite license. You will first be asked to enter your license key again for security reasons. Backend screenshot of the settings dashboard in Greyd.Suite Then you will get…

General Questions, How to Start

I have problems after updating WP / Gutenberg.

In order to ensure full compatibility of Greyd.Suite with the WP core / Gutenberg, we always test each new core update extensively and, if necessary, make adjustments before recommending customers to update. This is necessary, since the core is constantly evolving and changes are not always fully documented. When a new core version is available,…

Design, Greyd.Blocks

How can I stretch elements to the same height?

When having several content boxes or texts in columns next to each other, often the layout is tricky when these elements do not have the same height (e.g. because of different text lengths). However, we offer several ways to make sure, your content looks good: Headline & Paragraph Block In the headline & paragraph block…

Design, Greyd.Blocks

How can I have two fonts in one headline?

To have two different fonts in one headline or other text-based blocks, just make the text "italic" (cmd+i / strg+i) and insert the following global CSS (in the Customizer or Site Editor): /* Change Font Family on Italic */ em { font-family: var(–fontFamily1); } Step 1: Make text “italic” Have two different fonts in one…

Templates & Post Types

Understanding pages & templates in FSE

Page vs. Template With Full Site Editing, you can edit pages, including the home page, directly in the Site Editor, but you don't have to. As this can be confusing for some users, we have summarised everything you need to know below: By default, most Full Site Editing themes come with a home template. If…

Navigation, Templates & Post Types

How can I make sure to only have one close X in my off-canvas burger menu?

In the Customizer navigation settings you can chose whether or not to display a close button in an off-canvas template. As off-canvas templates are often used in combination with burger icons, a close button is often not necessary as the burger icon itself acts as a close button. However, on mobile screens it may happen…


How can I make parent elements in dropdown menus clickable?

By default, WordPress prevents a main menu item with dropdown from containing a direct link. In GREYD.SUITE, we have therefore integrated an additional option for you in the menu options. Create your menu items as usual. In the detail settings for each menu item you will now find the option "In the navigation: Do not…

Templates & Post Types

How do I create categories with multiple hierarchy levels?

Whether its a GREYD.SUTIE Dynamic Post Type or a WordPress standard post type (e.g. posts) – categories can can have a hierarchy. All you have to do is select a parent category when creating a child category. Post Category Editing in WordPress Category Settings in WordPress Make sure to enable the Hierarchy-Option when creating a…

Templates & Post Types

Why do not all posts appear in the search?

By default, WordPress searches only the title and content of posts with frontend searches. If you have created your own post types with Dynamic Post Types, whose content is not only in the content area but also in custom post type fields, for example, these are not searched by default and therefore not found.  In…

Templates & Post Types

Can I customize the post backend interface?

When working with complex post types, you might want to customize the columns in the WordPress backend to have a clearer overview of your posts, e.g. add custom columns, hide certain columns or have a custom order. This is something we plan to add to Greyd.Suite in the upcoming months. In the meantime, we have…

Forms & Popups

Is it possible to have conditional follow-up actions in forms?

Imagine a contact form on a corporate website that triggers an admin notification to different departments (e.g. HR, marketing, sales) depending on the user's entries? Or a lead form with different product categories that automatically notifies the responsible sales employee? This is actually possible with Greyd.Forms. Here's how: As an example we are going to…

Design, Templates & Post Types

How do I build a sticky header?

You can easily build sticky headers with our content box variation "Pinned Box". You can find out how in our tutorial video in the chapter "Sticky Header". A small note on the side: The name could lead one to assume that sticky headers are built with the Sticky Box variation instead of the Pinned Box.…

General Questions, How to Start

How do I create a child theme in Greyd.Suite?

Yes, you can work with child themes in Greyd.Suite. To create one go to Appearance > Greyd installer. In the last screen you will find the option “Create child them”. Should you still work with our classic, Customizer-based version, we’ve added a clean child theme here for downloading, so you can start right now. Just…

General Questions, Greyd.Blocks, How to Start

The link viewport is outside my browser window.

Sometimes when trying to set a link, e.g. on a paragraph or headline, the link viewport appears outside of your browser window and is not editable. There are two very easy workarounds to solve that: Either click the element you want to link again. Or scroll down before clicking the trigger picker and then scroll…

General Questions, Website management

The export with multilingual post versions does not work.

Greyd.Suite offers you an Import/Export option for any post with which you can easily export and import posts including its translations. When exporting single posts, you`ll be asked whether you want to include WPML translations or not. However, in some cases there might be problems: Bulk Exports: Unfortunately the native WP bulk export does not…

General Questions, Website management

How can I customize excerpt settings?

You can adjust excerpt lengths and the ellipsis easily by adding the following code to the functions.php of your child theme and adapt it as you need: function my_custom_excerpt_length( $length ) {return 20; } add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'my_custom_excerpt_length', 999 ); function my_custom_excerpt_more($more) {return '…read more'; } add_filter('excerpt_more', 'my_custom_excerpt_more');

General Questions, Website management

How do I integrate external code snippets?

You can easily insert code snippets at the end of the <head> and <body> tags in the Greyd.Suite settings: Please note that depending on the type of snippet, it might be better to alternatively integrate your snippet via an appropriate cookie plugin in order to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

General Questions, How to Start

Why are session cookies set on my website?

Certain Greyd.Suite features require session cookies, for example to recognize users after confirming an email opt-in or opt-out. These session cookies do not contain any identification of the user and therefore do not need an opt-in. A session cookie is a form of cookie that is deleted as soon as the user closes the browser…

General Questions, How to Start

Why do some triggers not work when cookies are blocked?

Certain functions (e.g. trigger events for accordions) require scripts. However, some cookie tools (e.g. Cookiebot) automatically block all kind of scripts – no matter if they do set a cookie or not – when not set otherwise. In that case it may happen, that the default.js script of GREYD.SUITE – which is necessary for triggers…