How do I work with templates and template parts?

In this video, we show you how to create and add templates and template parts using the Site Editor in Greyd.Suite.

Templates & Post Types

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How do I create dynamic layout templates?

This video explains how easy it is to create and use layout templates that are independent from your content. Learn also how to change a template without affecting your content.

Templates & Post Types

How does the whole post & post type thing work?

In this video we will show you the entire process from creating a custom post type to designing the corresponding templates (post template, archive, search) and displaying certain posts with the query loop / post overview block.

Templates & Post Types

How does the burger / dropdown / popover block work?

You`ll find the popover block in three different variants. Depending on where and how you use it, you can build inline popups, dropdowns or burger menus with it. This video shows you how it works.

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How do I create custom post types?

With Greyd.Suite you can create and design custom post types without coding. There's no need for any programming skills, technical know how or even WordPress knowledge to manage post content. Learn here how it works.

Templates & Post Types

How do I display posts as a table?

The Post Table block is a variant of the Post Overview and allows you to display post content in table form.

Greyd.Blocks, Templates & Post Types

How do I create a post archive?

Show posts of a certain time, category or with certain tags with the post archives module. This video shows you how to design your individual post archive.

Greyd.Blocks, Templates & Post Types

How do I create frontend searches?

In this video we will show you how to create individual frontend searches with filtering and sorting options for the user. We also explain the extensive Advanced Search functions in Greyd.Suite.

Greyd.Blocks, Templates & Post Types

How to design header & footer?

In this video we summarize all relevant settings, blocks & options for you, which you need for the design of the template parts header and footer. From navigation to the creation of off-canvas burger menus to logo and page title.

Templates & Post Types

How to create post overviews and sliders

To display news, a blog, a portfolio or also employees or branches, the post overview block is ideal. This video shows you how exactly it works and which option it offers, also when being used for building a slider.

Greyd.Blocks, Templates & Post Types

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How can I make taxonomies selectable via checkboxes?

Default categories for example in the blog post type are easily selectable in the backend via checkboxes and all available options are visible to the editor. Screenshot of category selection in WP blog posts When creating custom taxonomies, however, the default interface is an input field. You may see the most used taxonomies as an […]

Templates & Post Types

My site template is not connected to its site anymore

When you have a template that is assigned to a specific page, you may ran into an issue when changing the URL of that page. Your page and site template may then no longer be connected with each other.In Greyd.Suite there is an easy way to fix that: Open the Theme Asset tab in the […]

Templates & Post Types

How can I have several layouts / designs in one post overview?

With the Post Overview or Query Loop block, you can flexibly display posts – as a table, grid or list. In combination with Conditional Content, you can also visually highlight individual posts and/or work with different layouts within one post overview. To do this, simply add the Conditional Content block twice in your query loop. […]

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Understanding pages & templates in FSE

Page vs. Template With Full Site Editing, you can edit pages, including the home page, directly in the Site Editor, but you don't have to. As this can be confusing for some users, we have summarised everything you need to know below: By default, most Full Site Editing themes come with a home template. If […]

Templates & Post Types

How can I make sure to only have one close X in my off-canvas burger menu?

In the Customizer navigation settings you can chose whether or not to display a close button in an off-canvas template. As off-canvas templates are often used in combination with burger icons, a close button is often not necessary as the burger icon itself acts as a close button. However, on mobile screens it may happen […]

Navigation, Templates & Post Types

How do I create categories with multiple hierarchy levels?

Whether its a GREYD.SUTIE Dynamic Post Type or a WordPress standard post type (e.g. posts) – categories can can have a hierarchy. All you have to do is select a parent category when creating a child category. Post Category Editing in WordPress Category Settings in WordPress Make sure to enable the Hierarchy-Option when creating a […]

Templates & Post Types

Why do not all posts appear in the search?

By default, WordPress searches only the title and content of posts with frontend searches. If you have created your own post types with Dynamic Post Types, whose content is not only in the content area but also in custom post type fields, for example, these are not searched by default and therefore not found.  In […]

Templates & Post Types

Can I customize the post backend interface?

When working with complex post types, you might want to customize the columns in the WordPress backend to have a clearer overview of your posts, e.g. add custom columns, hide certain columns or have a custom order. This is something we plan to add to Greyd.Suite in the upcoming months. In the meantime, we have […]

Templates & Post Types

How do I build a sticky header?

You can easily build sticky headers with our content box variation "Pinned Box". You can find out how in our tutorial video in the chapter "Sticky Header".A small note on the side: The name could lead one to assume that sticky headers are built with the Sticky Box variation instead of the Pinned Box. However, […]

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My post type is not displayed any more.

You have probably changed the name of your Post Type or other important elements such as categories or keywords after you had already included the Post Type in blocks such as Post Overview or Search.Simply open the corresponding blocks, select the Post Type again if necessary and update the pages.

Templates & Post Types

Why is it not possible to include my post types in the search?

To include Dynamic Post Types and their posts in frontend searches, you must activate the corresponding option in the settings of your Dynamic Post Type. You will find the function in your Dynamic Post Type under “Post architecture”.

Templates & Post Types

Why do some Dynamic Templates fields not appear in the backend when filling a template with content?

Please make to give each element a unique name, even if you copy elements in the template, for example. If two elements have the same name, they are automatically filled with the same content and will not be listed individually as dynamic fields. This has the great advantage that you can easily copy template elements […]

Templates & Post Types